Come get a fundamental yet advanced introduction to eMarketing, including improving email promotions, analyzing your web site traffic, doing search engine optimization, and how to successfully employ online advertising.
Relevant for any type of organization, including businesses, companies, non-profits, and government agencies.  No eMarketing experience or expertise is necessary.  If you are already at an advanced level, your instructors are experts and can provide the latest most advanced information and answer your toughest questions. 

CEUs/ILUs: 4.8
Length (in hours): 48
Price in USD $495.00
Price in CAD $665.00

Hear from our past students

Excellent presentations! I felt like I learned a lot by watching them, especially the importance of social media.
- Trish Lutter
(Boosting Your Website Traffic)
I look forward to reviewing all of the readings and PowerPoint again since there is so much to learn! 
- Sandra Strickland
(Online Advertising)
Wow, this week I feel like I am finally understanding the basics and will be able to use this knowledge as we switch over to our new site.
- Heidi Prior
(Boosting Your Website Traffic)

Course schedule

Improving Email Promotions

  • Jun 6 – Jul 1
  • Sep 6 – 30

Boosting Your Website Traffic

  • Jul 5 – 29
  • Oct 3 – 28

Online Advertising

  • Jun 6 – Jul 1
  • Aug 1 – 26
  • Nov 7 – Dec 2